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Video Game Cosplay
Nisha The Lawbringer Cosplay by Immobliss
Pokemon GO - Spark by Iynai
Fusion Zero Suit Samus (latex) by amberbrite
LoL-Lux-Illaoi-and-Arcade-Riven by Kennely
Anime Cosplay
Ragyo Kiryuin Cosplay : Rainbow Riches by Khainsaw
YYH : : your announcer by Iynai
YYH :: demon world by Iynai
Asuka Langley Sohryu and Rei Ayanami Cosplay by Khainsaw
Original Cosplay and J-Fashion
The Fallen: Golden Boy by HarmonyCosplay
Assertion by ClockworkStarling
Who Should be Scared? by ClockworkStarling
Hesitation by ClockworkStarling
Arizona Convention Photos
PONPONPON by gallimau-free
Its 50-year mission... by JZLobo
PHX2016: My Friday Group by ClockworkStarling
PHX2016: The 12th Doctor by ClockworkStarling
Comic Book And Manga Character Cosplays
Mediation by SuperNinjaDuck
Revelation by SuperNinjaDuck
I control my own fate... by SuperNinjaDuck
Raven Progress 2 by SuperNinjaDuck
Western Cosplays
The Torch of Rassilon by JZLobo
Hang On,  Bowtie! by JZLobo
Am I A Good Man? by JZLobo
Three Doctors and a Captain by JZLobo
Vocaloid Cosplays
L Y N N E by dissociative-reverie
My Extinguisher by gallimau-free
A Classy, Tactful Fire Extinguisher by gallimau-free
The dragon's eyes by TarasqueProductions
Spoof and Crossover Cosplay
Splash  by CameoAmalthea
I Will Protect You by Raikiri-art
Who says scarecrows can't play in water? by Icy-Princess
AOT Kakashi Ready to Fight by Raikiri-art
Works-In-Progress WIP Cosplay
sleeping while doing paperwork by king-GENOCIDE
hetalia day prep by courbeause
Blood ELf WIP 2 by SuperNinjaDuck
WOW WIP by SuperNinjaDuck


Pirate Amy Pond :iconsophisticait:sophisticait 5 1 X-treme Storm 2 :iconjounink:JouninK 91 16 Korra: The Water Bender :iconjounink:JouninK 663 154 Tyki Mikk - Assassinar :iconjounink:JouninK 30 14 Ven 1 :iconjounink:JouninK 11 2 Hungary from Hetalia :iconladymaxwell:LadyMaxwell 4 0 Why Herro Thar :iconstarsandlove:starsandlove 3 2 Cars? :0 :iconstarsandlove:starsandlove 2 2 Pony Tiem - like a boss :iconstarsandlove:starsandlove 0 0 Pony Tiem :iconstarsandlove:starsandlove 0 0 4k: Xemnas :iconjounink:JouninK 12 28 Rider Crawling :iconmizuki-okami-misheru:Mizuki-Okami-Misheru 3 0 Kos-Mos and T-elos I :iconjounink:JouninK 98 49 Into the Spring :iconvaldorien:valdorien 3 3 When the Day Comes :iconvaldorien:valdorien 32 32 The Tutor and the Little Robin :icondahowbbit:dahowbbit 16 3

Welcome to AZ-Cosplay!

AZ-Cosplay is a group aimed at connecting cosplayers in Arizona and showcasing their work. If you live in Arizona and have a passion for cosplay, feel free to join! If you live outside of Arizona, but have attended a convention here or have ties to this state, feel free to join as well!

General Rules:

Treat fellow group members with respect (no bullying, harassing, stalking, etc.)!

Each member is only allowed to submit up to THREE submissions to the group per day.

Please make sure that you are placing your submission(s) in the correct folder. If you are uncertain which folder your submission belongs in, information about the folders can be found here:… . If you are still uncertain which folder your submission belongs in, feel free to send us a note.


How can I use AZ-Cosplay to promote a cosplay-related event?

Journal/Blog entries can be used to promote cosplay gatherings, convention information, rules, and other events that are directly related to the group, Arizona, or cosplay. Although you are free to leave comments about cosplay-related events on AZ-Cosplay's main page, the most effective way of informing group members is by writing a journal entry and submitting it directly to the group.

(Note: Please do NOT submit journal entries to the folders in the group gallery. The gallery folders will ONLY feature photo submissions. Information about cosplay gatherings, conventions, rules, etc. should be submitted by clicking on the "Journal" tab on the AZ-Cosplay homepage, clicking the "+ New Blog Entry" on the upper right-hand side, typing up any pertinent information about the event, and then submitting it for approval by the group. This way photo submissions and blog entries are kept separate.)

Why was my submission(s) to AZ-Cosplay declined?

Your submission(s) may have been declined for one of the following reasons:
1.) You do not reside in Arizona and have no ties to the state whatsoever.
2.) Your submission contains gratuitous sex, violence, etc.
3.) You have submitted too many images from the same photoshoot. Please remember to submit photos in moderation. If you have quite a few photos of your cosplay that were taken at similar locations on the same day, please choose your favorite images (preferably 1-3) to submit to the group. Showcase your favorite images from that photoshoot--and our members will be able to view the others in your personal gallery.
4.) You may have submitted to the incorrect folder. We ask that you resubmit to the correct folder in the group gallery.

If you feel that your submission followed all of these rules and was unfairly declined, send us a note.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send us a note and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. :)
COSPLAYERS NEEDED for our Ask A Hunter Saboten Con 2016

We are still looking for cosplayers to be cast members!

If interested in participating in our panel please email me a photo of your cosplay and the character you are auditioning for at: with the subject Ask A Hunter

We’re still accepting Cosplayers for these characters:

Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Charlie Bradbury
Chuck Shurley
Bobby Singer


If interested email me at: with the subject Ask A Hunter
Thank you!
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ghostly-bones16 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
anyone still active in the group?
KarmaLarma Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone going to Kikori Con in the next couple of weeks? Not looking for a group, just wondering since the con has kind of no social media presence if anybody's showing up. You can find me and my sister as Rose Quartz and Amethyst.
silentlydabs Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No one? Really? :C
silentlydabs Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyooooo! Does anyone here cosplay as a character from Hetalia? I can't find Hetalia cosplayers anywhere asdfghjkl-
Cosplayfangear Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
Is anyone going to Saboten Con and interested in participating in a Supernatural ask panel? Arizona Cosplayers are needed!
shoujoai-shower Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is anyone here going to Comicon? I'm going but I'm only visiting, I don't live there. I'd like to have some friends.
XxEAltairRoxsAxX Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome!! I've been looking for a group soley with cosplayers who live in AZ or go to the cons here XD
water-troops Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
There is a new convention happening next weekend Sept 26-27 in Tucson called Car-Con. It is a custom/geek car show combined with comic con style events and cosplay.
Ariheta Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015

Hello! I am auditioning cosplayers for a panel I am going to hopefully host at Taiyou Con 2016, I am hosting a 2p! Hetalia Ask-A-Nation panel. 2p! S. Korea and I am hoping my friend will be coming along as one of the 2p! Italy bros but I will still have the spots opened just in case.

To audition:
- Have a picture of yourself in the cosplay or the picture of the outfit (digital or real) you'll be wearing
- Provide a couple sentences of why you want to be who you want to be
- Your email and/nor phone number just to be sure that you know whenever or not that the panel will be at Taiyou Con.
- Any information or questions you have
- What 2p! you'll be cosplaying

I am hoping that it'll be on Saturday and hopefully between 1-5 PM. As it says on the website, Taiyou Con will be at the Mesa Convention. Be sure to remember it is through January 15-17th. My email is and I'll be sure to check over all your guys' auditions as soon as possible!

Top 2p! Characters Needed:
Italy Bros-
*Any additional characters will be loved

Deadline will be on January 1, 2016 unless the Panel request is rejected by the Taiyou Con Staff.

king-GENOCIDE Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
hey i really wanna do a "all anime every fandom" meet up soon this month or next month but i kinda wanna know if anyone would go and where you guys would like it. and what you guys would like to do. anyone interested???  
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